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Our international team of directors has extensive experience in leading Feldenkrais courses and training programs in many different countries. Our students can fully concentrate on their learning process in a supportive atmosphere.

Training Staff

All of our training courses are given by world renowned and highly qualified group of trainers from Europe, America, Asia and Australia. They not only bring their Feldenkrais teachings, but come along with an invaluable treasure willing to share with their students: long years of experience working with the Feldenkrais Method in a variety of fields, all with their own personal style and methodology.
Some of our trainers were trained by Moshé Feldenkrais himself, and add an important legacy to their teaching and the anecdotes they share with the students.



We also invite experienced practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method to take part in our 4 year programs. These Feldenkrais teachers have collected vast professional experience with the method ever since becoming certified. They have been applying the Feldenkrais Method in various areas and fields of work and are happy to share this knowledge with our students. We consider it to be very important to connect our trainees with more experienced colleagues and to offer continuous mentoring throughout the training.