About the Feldenkrais Method

In the Feldenkrais Method it is the body itself that is used as the fundamental tool for an individual’s deep process of personal evolution. Learning through movement is the essence of the Feldenkrais Method. This, along with self-awareness leads to sensory motor learning. The Feldenkrais Method develops and increases body awareness through movement and contact with one’s own body.

Forgotten paths in our ability to sense, feel, think and act are explored – making it possible to lead a full life, and make decisions according to one’s full potential. The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic learning process taught either in group classes called ATM (Awareness Through Movement) or in individual sessions called FI (Functional Integration).

It is a unique method used to improve the human condition in all possible fields– athletics, career development, academics, health services, arts and science are just a few examples of its wide range of applications. (Read working as a Feldenkrais practitioner/teacher).

Experience a better you

Just as an artist molds clay, Paul Newton uses his hands to establish a profound dialogue with his student in a Functional Integration. The uniqueness and beauty of the Feldenkrais method is its capacity to communicate with our nervous system.

Paul Newton is the Educational Director of the Feldenkrais Training Programs in Madrid, Lisbon and Stockholm.