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Visit us free of charge and experience the benefits of Feldenkrais!

We are very pleased to receive guests in our training programs. A training course is an open space for everyone: for those interested in discovering the method, as well as for those wishing to expand their existing knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method.

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Note: Only days listed here are open for visitors

Multiple visits

You are welcome to visit us more than once so feel free to use this form again to book another visit for another segment.

Longer visits

If you want to stay for a longer visit (more than one day in a training segment) please contact us.

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Please also fill out the optional address fields. They help us understand where you are located and what training location is best suited for you.

Important notes

  1. As a visitor you participate in our courses at your own risk and assume full responsibility for engaging in our training activities.
  2. The teaching time of our trainers is reserved for the enrolled students of our training programs. For this reason, please refrain from asking questions and please also respect our trainers’ breaks. In case you have doubts or questions the organizational team will be more than happy to answer them and/or put you in contact with our trainers if necessary.
  3. Please refrain from distributing any information, brochures or advertisements throughout the training course as well as during breaks and before or after the class time.
  4. The Instituto Feldenkrais España, S.L.U. does not assume any responsibility for the participants’ personal belongings at the training program venue or any other location.
  5. The Feldenkrais Institute Spain reserves the right to cancel the invitation of those who alter the normal development of the training, acting as an obstacle to the general dynamic of the course or disturbing other trainees or trainers.

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Visiting options

1. As a visitor invited for one day

You can visit the training program at all times unless it is indicated otherwise. Every segment offers a FREE one day visit.

Please note: We can not guarantee your participation if the training is in its 2nd, 3rd or 4th year. If the level of the class is advanced, you may only attend and participate as a spectator.

2. As a visitor for 2 days or more

During the first year of training it is possible to participate in single training segments, or individual days of a segment, with no obligation to complete the training, paying the regular fee per day. (The first day of your visit is FREE.) Please note: It is advisable to start the first day of the segment, although it is also possible to join later.

3. As a practitioner or trainee of the Feldenkrais Method

For graduated Feldenkrais teachers or students of an accredited Feldenkrais training program, the price is 45€ per day (in Stockholm: 725,00 kr). Please note: It is advisable to start the first day of the module, although it is also possible to join later on.

4. As a practitioner or student of one of our Feldenkrais trainings

If you are a student or you have graduated from one of our Feldenkrais training courses, we only charge 25€ per day (in Stockholm: 450,00 kr). The first day of your visit is FREE.