Training Course — September 2013 to August 2017

San Sebastian - Donostia 1

The longer segments of this training program make it easy for people from all over the world to come and study with us and dive deep into the Feldenkrais Method. Our students especially appreciate this location for the possibility to combine professional learning with vacation, nature and personal development.

We started offering Feldenkrais Training programs in San Sebastian in 2013 and as of today the Basque Region is developing to be one of the most active areas for Feldenkrais in Spain.

The training location for the Donostia 1&2 programs is located 10 minutes walking distance from San Sebastian’s beautiful Zurriola Bay and about 15 minutes away from the old part of town (the Casco Viejo) and the La Concha bay.

San Sebastian (called “Donostia” in the Basque language) is only 15km away from the French border, located between Biarritz in France and Bilbao in Spain, right on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Basque country and especially San Sebastian- Donostia are known as the culinary center of Spain and in terms of outdoor activities there could hardly be a more attractive spot in Europe. One can hike in the mountains, walk on the beach, swim in the calm circular shaped bay of Donostia, surf the rougher waters of the second round bay, or just enjoy the remarkable panoramic view the two moon shaped bays lend to San Sebastian.

Segment Structure

The program is divided into 2 segments per training year. One in April and the other in August. Both segments consist of 20 trainings days.

Participation requirements

The participants of our Feldenkrais Training Programs come from different professional backgrounds. Make sure to provide us with information about your vocational training or degree when signing up. Please contact us or see our FAQ if you are not sure whether you qualify.

This event is offered and organized by

Instituto Feldenkrais España S.L.U.



90,00 € / day (first and second year), 95,00 € / day (third and fourth year).


Course Language

English and Spanish

Course dates and trainers

Dates and timetables are subject to change.
If you cannot attend a day/segment, you can always make up for it later.

First Year — 2013 to 2014

Segment 1

25.09. – 05.10.2013 (10 Days) Paul Newton

Segment 2

29.03. – 09.04.2014 (10 Days) Anne Candardjis

Segment 3

03.09. – 28.09.2014 (20 Days) Paul Newton, Katrin Smithback

Second Year — 2015

Segment 4

10.04. – 05.05.2015 (20 Days) Paul Newton, Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D.

Segment 5

31.07. – 25.08.2015 (20 Days) Paul Newton, Marilupe Campero

Third Year — 2016

Segment 6

01.04. – 26.04.2016 (20 Days) Paul Newton, Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D.

Segment 7

02.08. – 26.08.2016 (20 Days) Paul Newton, Anne Candardjis

Fourth Year — 2017

Segment 8

01.04. – 24.04.2017 (20 Days) Paul Newton, Angelica Feldmann, M.A.

Segment 9

04.08. – 29.08.2017 (20 Days) Marilupe Campero, Paul Newton, Thomas Farnbacher

Additional information

Joining a training course that has already started

The courses are designed in such a way that enrollment is open during the whole of the first year of the course. Missed days will have to be made up in subsequent courses.

Making up for missed days

You can make up for missed days in another training program. For specific details, contact your organizer who will help you (together with the educational director) to establish a personal make up plan. For more info, please read the FAQ.