Nazaret Zentroa Donostia

About this Location

The NAZARET ZENTROA is a school that offers high-school degrees, many different professional training programs and continued professional education for young people. It’s located in San Sebastian’s neighborhood called “Gros” and it’s a 10 min. walk from Zuriola beach. In this center we will have the gymnasium all to ourselves, with a hardwood floor, lots of space and natural light.


Possible accommodation that can be used during the course or training. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Room for rent (Ascen Nieto)
tlf: (+34) 606-782 191
Ascen rents out one room in her apartment. It's located in the new area of the neighborhood Amara, Riberas de Loyola.

Ulia Youth Hostel

Paseo de Ulia 297
20013 San Sebastián
tlf: (+34) 943 483 480

Room for rent (Concha Benito)
(+34) 652-777 155
Concha rents one room in her apartment. In Calle Gantxegi next to the villas of Paseo de Hériz (5 minutes walk from Ondarreta beach and 20 minutes from the city centre.)

Ondarreta Youth Hostel

Paseo de Igeldo 25
20008 San Sebastián
Tel: (+34) 943 310 268

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