On Your Feet


Based on his experience in the rehab department of a podiatric hospital, LarryGoldfarb, Ph.D., developed the On Your Feet program to improve coordination, carriage and comfort in standing and walking.

An internationally recognized Feldenkrais trainer, movement scientist and author, Larry has created an essential program for just about anyone, no matter what age or agility, who wants to:

  • Learn the whole-body patterns that underpin support, balance and locomotion.
  • Understand how to work with, rather than against, the tripod of the foot.
  • Enhance equilibrium while developing easy, comfortable standing.
  • Rediscover – or deepen – joy in walking.

This potent sequence of intertwined Feldenkrais movement lessons clarifies our marvelous design for motion, evokes our equally incredible ability to learn and gives the immediate, first-person experience of harmonious action.

Recorded in Madrid, March 2010.