Free Feldenkrais audio lessons - Flexibility and Stability!


Flexibility and stability. Solid and liquid.

Often, these two characteristics of the human body seem to be complete opposites, however it is precisely the flexibility and agility of our body that allow us to be stable.

If stability predominates, we feel stiff. If it is flexibility that is predominant, we lack support.
Only when these two qualities are in balance, the body can make the most of its movement potential and at the same time adapt to the most diverse situations.

Our spine is a good example for this: it consists of vertebrae, thereby allowing us to make the most amazing movements, and it is a pillar that provides us with the stability to stay upright.

The selected Feldenkrais lessons in this recording will help you feel more stable and yet more flexible, and to become even softer.

Patricio Simon is the director of the Instituto Feldenkrais and he taught this recorded seminar in Lisbon in November 2015.


  1. Talk (A Short Introduction to the Seminar)
  2. ATM (Bending and rolling lying on the side, part 1)
  3. Talk (Reports from the students + breathing, pattern and habits + having more than one choice to do the same thing + Feldenkrais helps you to use more of your potential)
  4. ATM (Bending and rolling lying on the side, part 2)
  5. Talk (About experiences with the previous lesson)
  6. Demo (Functional Integration – The hands-on work of the Feldenkrais Method) + Talk
  7. ATM (The coordination of flexors and extensors)