Public Seminar

In Search of Lost Vertebrae (webinar)

with Mara Fusero

Embark on a journey to reclaim the forgotten realms of your spine in our transformative workshop, “In Search of Lost Vertebrae“. This unique seminar taught by Mara Fusero, Feldenkrais trainer and pedagogical director of our Barcelona Professional Feldenkrais Training Programs, delves into the intricacies of the pelvis, spine, and head connection, unveiling the key to unlocking a more liberated and agile body.

🌿 Unlock Your Spinal Harmony:

Our pelvis serves as the dynamic foundation, supporting the delicate balance of the spine, which, in turn, cradles the expressive command center—the head. Together, they form a powerful trio that should move freely in all planes and directions. Yet, the demands of daily life often cause us to neglect certain vertebrae, leading to stiffness and limited movement.

🌟 Revitalize Your Movement Patterns:

In this immersive workshop, we invite you to redirect your attention to the overlooked segments of your spine. Through expert guidance, we’ll explore how habitual postures and movement patterns may inadvertently sideline some of the 24 vertebrae. By doing so, we aim to break free from the constraints of overused areas, restoring a harmonious balance between flexibility and stability.

🧘 Enhance Sensory Perception and Control:

Your head houses a treasure trove of sensory organs, granting you the ability to scan and navigate the world around you. By rejuvenating the entire spine, our workshop seeks to elevate your sensory perception and control. Immerse yourself in a series of mindful exercises designed to enhance your awareness, fostering a deeper connection between mind and body.

Join us for “In Search of Lost Vertebrae” and empower yourself with the tools to rediscover lost vertebrae, unlocking a more functional and fluid way of moving.

Please note that this workshop is also highly recommended to anyone interested in becoming an internationally recognized Feldenkrais Practitioner. Seize this chance to meet Mara Fusero, a luminary in the field, learn from her expertise, and embark on a path towards excellence in Feldenkrais.

Mara will also teach this same workshop in Barcelona in March. If you prefer to do this workshop in-person (instead of online), please sign up here…