Postgraduate seminar

Taking Root - Ready to Fly!

with Angelica Feldmann, M.A.

Important: This seminar has an enrollment deadline: 30 OCT 2015. Enrollment might be still possible after this date but let us know as soon as you can if you’re thinking about coming. Thank you!


Taking Root – Ready to Fly!

Being connected with our weight doesn’t only mean being grounded and heavy, but, paradoxically, it creates the conditions of readiness for light, elegant and spacious movement.

These conditions include:

  • Dynamics of the feet
  • Efficient transmission of force through the hip joints
  • The supporting inner connection of the deep muscles (e.g. the pelvic floor)
  • The alignment of the forces near the central axis
  • The idea of length and inner stability
    All of these add to ideal conditions for pleasurable walking and running as well as feeling lightness in our shoulders, arms and head.

There will special focus on the chest and it’s evolutional inherited connection to breath and locomotion.

In this advanced training we’ll be working with ATM (Awareness Through Movement) and FI (Functional Integration). Certified Feldenkrais Teachers and students of Feldenkrais trainings who are in the 4th year of their training can sign up.