Postgraduate seminar

Senses: The extraordinary meaning of the carriage of your head for your personal expression of life


The way you balance your head on your body is of particular importance for your skeletal uprightness and the interplay of the diaphragmatic chain (feet, pelvic floor, floor of your mouth, vocal cords and base of the neck) with verticality.

Our senses constantly orient us towards our environment and thereby play an important role for perception as well as for our personal experiencing of the world. Our face muscles, mimic, position of the head and the space we have in our mouth are strongly connected with our state of being and our embodied biography.

“When the head is correctly correlated with the body, there is no contraction… The head floats freely with the smoothness of a cork floating on water. The mechanical importance of the head in acture is capital.” (Moshe Feldenkrais in „The Potent Self“).

In this advanced training we will look at anatomical and functional aspects of the carriage of the head. We will work with Functional Integration as well as ATM.