Postgraduate seminar

Fascia as a sensory organ

with Dr. Robert Schleip

Latest news from research and clinical implications for Feldenkrais Practitioners

For many in our field Dr. Robert Schleip does not even need an introduction. He is currently one of the most prominent scientist in the research of fascia. He is the leader of the Fascia Research Group at the University of Ulm (Germany).

Through his pioneering work he holds international ‘fascia celebrity’ status having been highly awarded for his work and featured on numerous TV shows, as well as being cited and featured in numerous books and publications. Furthermore, his work serves as a cornerstone for Tom Myers’ ever more popular concept of ‘Anatomy Trains’, with the two leading several highly successful collaboration projects.

What makes Dr. Schleip and his work even more interesting, is the fact that he is a Feldenkrais practitioner, international Rolfing Instructor besides being an international Fascial Anatomy Teacher. His teaching focuses on the neural dynamics of the myofascial net, and incorporates psychosocial values of the human potential movement.

We are especially honored to have Dr. Robert Schleip as our guest on March 1st in Madrid!

Please note: This event can only and exclusively be attended by students and graduates of Instituto Feldenkrais.