Public Seminar

A Feldenkrais Approach to Dealing with Back Pain, Part 2

with Paul Newton

The Feldenkrais Method offers a soft, comfortable and experimental approach to dealing with your pain.  You learn with pleasure and ease as you experiment with yourself in the lessons we call “Awareness Through Movement”.   At the center is the core principle that a change of action requires a change of perception. No matter what conditions are causing the pain, you will discover that there are commonalities among them all, such as “roadblocks” in the transmission of movement and forces through the skeleton.

Low level discomfort; temporary, more severe flare-ups; or chronic conditions such as with arthritis, scoliosis or disk problems – can all pose challenges that interfere with daily activities or following your passion.  The Feldenkrais Method offers a fantastic set of tools to manage many of the difficulties that people with back pain experience.

Feldenkrais helps you to fine-tune your sensory systems, to be more “sensorally integrated” and to achieve a harmonious “whole” of the sensory systems. The better organized you are, the better you’re able to make distinctions through the feedback you’re getting from your muscles and joints.

With back pain we need to learn how to redistribute the load through the skeleton more evenly. We need more mobility and more adaptability for shifts of weight and balance. For everyone, but especially for people with scoliosis or back pain, our anti-gravity responses are paramount.

Another key factor is the relationship between the head and pelvis. Together they determine our ability to move freely into any direction. When the head is free, we are more sensitive and adaptable, as we move in the external environment and become aware of our internal state.

Over the next months, Paul Newton, Feldenkrais-Trainer and Educational Director of numerous Feldenkrais training programs in Europe and Asia, will teach a series of 2-day online workshops based on his vast experience with clients with back pain. New participants can enter for any part of this series. You do not have to have participated in previous installments to benefit from the current one.

This is the second workshop with Paul Newton on this topic. If you have visited the first webinar in November 2020 it will be especially interesting for you to attend this second online seminar since it will consist of new and different Feldenkrais lessons to help you deal with back pain.