Villa Helena

About this Location

Located in the heart of Lisbon, Villa Helena is an authentic haven that reunites a multitude of therapeutic techniques ranging from the most ancient to most modern.

Villa Helena offers a place of beauty and serenity in the center of the city. It brings together a team of therapists focused on providing support, directing and creating the structures and conditions necessary for healing to take place at all levels.


Possible accommodation that can be used during the course or training. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

NEYA Hotel Lisboa

Rua D. Estefânia n.º71-77,
1150-132 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (+351) 21 310 1800
Our students get a 10% discount. Mention you are coming via Instituto Feldenkrais at the time of booking: reservas.lisboa@neyahotelscom

Residencial Mar dos Açores

R. Bernardim Ribeiro 14,
1150 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 21 357 7085

Tsar Lisbon Hotel

Av. Alm. Reis 103
1150-020 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 21 111 5200

São Pedro Lisbon Hotel

Rua Pascoal de Melo, 130,
1000-237 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 21 357 8765

Luxe Hotel By Turim Hoteis

R. Passos Manuel 28,
1150-260 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 21 318 2010

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