GIH - Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences

About this Location

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, (formerly Stockholm University College of Physical Education and Sports) was founded in 1813 by Pehr Henrik Ling, which makes it the oldest University College in the world within its field.

GIH is centrally located next to a beautiful eco park, which has both natural and cultural values and also offers excellent opportunities for sports and recreation. The 1912 Olympic Stadium is situated near the campus and gives the area a special atmosphere.

Our training and the seminars that we offer at this location will happen in the dance studio. A room with lots of space and natural light.

There’s a cafeteria in the building that offers organic food, snacks and drinks and there’s plenty of outdoor space for us to use during the summer segments.


GIH - The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences
Lidingövägen 1
114 33 Stockholm

Dance Studio


Possible accommodation that can be used during the course or training. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Best Western Hotel Karlaplan

Skeppargatan 78-84
114 59 Stockholm

Pensionat Oden Vasastan AB

Odengatan 38
113 22 Stockholm

Birka Hostel

Luntmakargatan 14
111 37 Stockholm

Hotel Stureparken

Sturegatan 58
114 36 Stockholm
Tel. (+46) 86627230

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