Monkey Moves (video + storybook) by Stephen Rosenholtz


Monkey Moves (video)

The award winning musical live-action video program where animals teach a small group of children more developmental movement sequences through song.

This program is designed for children ages three to eight and encourages imagination and improvement of balance, coordination and movability. Based on Feldenkrais movement lessons.

Features original songs and music by Paul McCandless, Mark Walker and other jazz artists.

video, duration: 26 min., language: English


Monkey Moves (storybook)

Newly revised with the original color illustrations made by the artist, this story with developmental movement sequences for children aged three to eight is based on the movement lessons of Moshe Feldenkrais. The storybook contains 16 color illustrations and 16 grayscale drawings.

PDF, 34 pages, language: English