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Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method


The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic learning process through which people are enabled to reach an optimum level in the actions they take.

A teacher of the Feldenkrais Method uses movement as a tool to guide the student through a process of refinement of their skills and encourage the emergence of new, previously unknown ones.

Contents of this mp3 seminar include:

  • Theoretical and practical introduction to the Feldenkrais Method and its applications
  • Discover how you can change your movement patterns through the practice in an interesting and effective way
  • Learn how you can have a more conscious experience of  your own body
  • Learn the group work (ATM) and individual work (FI) of the Feldenkrais Method
  • Information about the professional training courses in the Feldenkrais Method

Recorded in Pamplona, in June 2012.