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Free: 6 ATM Lessons


Paul Newton is an internationally acknowledged trainer of the Feldenkrais Method and is the Educational Director of the Feldenkrais training programs SAN SEBASTIAN and MADRID 1-3. He taught these 6 Feldenkrais lessons in Madrid (Spain) between August and September 2010.

The Feldenkrais lessons offer an introduction to the method through action and will help clarify several points:

  • The ease of changing the way we move.
  • The pleasure of moving in a more effective and more fluid manner.
  • The innumerable options made available to us by our bodies that serve as a tool for carrying out deep evolutionary processes and
  • how, through movement and awaking awareness, you dive into a deep senso-motor learning process.

The 6 ATM’s that you can request here are:

  1. Reaching Like a Skeleton, part 1, 52 min.
  2. Reaching Like a Skeleton, part 2, 38 min.
  3. Bringing the Legs to Standing, 68 min.
  4. Hand to Heel, 47 min.
  5. Baby Rolls, 39 min.
  6. Training the Flexors, 64 min.