Free: 6 ATM Lessons


Paul Newton is an internationally acknowledged trainer of the Feldenkrais Method and the Educational Director of our Feldenkrais professional training programs in Madrid, Lisbon and Stockholm. He taught these 6 Feldenkrais lessons in Madrid between August and September 2010.

The Feldenkrais lessons offer an introduction to the method through action and will help clarify several points:

  • The ease of changing the way we move.
  • The pleasure of moving in a more effective and more fluid manner.
  • The innumerable options made available to us by our bodies that serve as a tool for carrying out deep evolutionary processes and
  • how, through movement and awaking awareness, you dive into a deep senso-motor learning process.

The 6 ATM’s that you can request here are:

  1. Reaching Like a Skeleton, part 1, 52 min.
  2. Reaching Like a Skeleton, part 2, 38 min.
  3. Bringing the Legs to Standing, 68 min.
  4. Hand to Heel, 47 min.
  5. Baby Rolls, 39 min.
  6. Training the Flexors, 64 min.