Feldenkrais Seminar: Asleep, Awake, Aware!


“The intelligence of an individual may be measured by the speed with which he orients himself in new situations.” Sir Charles S. Sherrington, British neurologist; Nobel laureate, 1926

All too often, our behavior is determined by decisions made—and forgotten—long ago. We go through the motions, following the well worn paths of daily habits, repeating what’s worked before. We are awake, but barely aware of our surroundings or choices. When things change around us, we lose our footing, get woozy and light-headed, lose our internal compass and become disoriented.

Over forty years ago, somatic pioneer and martial arts expert Moshé Feldenkrais proposed that the difference between being awake and being aware is determined by whether or not we are oriented. His approach to self-development is based on the notion that bodily awareness is not simply a physiological by-product, but that both awareness and the ability to choose how we act and react are situated in our relationship to our spatial and gravitational environment. The revolutionary method he developed is grounded in this realization.

In Asleep. Awake, Aware you will have the chance to apply Feldenkrais’ insight in answering these questions for yourself:

  • How do I break the spell of habitual movement?
  • How can I become more connected to the present moment?
  • What means are available for acting with choice?

The workshop Asleep. Awake, Aware! was taught by movement scientist, author, pioneering practitioner and trainer, Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D.


  1. Talk (Welcome and introduction to the course)
  2. ATM (Scan in lying on the floor)
  3. ATM (AAA lesson 1)
  4. Talk (Awareness in the Feldenkrais practice)
  5. Partner Work (Scan and move against a second person)
  6. ATM (AAA lesson 2)
  7. Partner Work (Find your own homework assignment)

Recorded in Madrid, April 2014