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Postgraduate seminar

Mastering the Method

with Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D.

About the idea of MASTERING THE METHOD

A time honored path to developing mastery is to study the standards and masterpieces. In the lexicon of Functional Integration® lessons, there are classic structures and strategies that are so consistently effective, so remarkably reliable, that we count on them to facilitate learning every time.

In each installment of this advanced training series, Larry Goldfarb, CFT, Ph.D. offers a multi-dimensional map of one such archetypal lesson plan. In a careful and complete manner, this workshop offers all you need in order to add this lesson to your personal repertoire, including the opportunity to:Become skilled at new hands-on techniques while refining familiar ones.

  • Understand the how & why of each step in the lesson choreography.
  • Take better care of yourself by improving your self-use.
  • Uncover and utilize the integrity of “the movement behind the lesson.”
  • Promote the transfer of learning from the table to daily life.
  • Adapt the lesson to the student, not vice-versa.

This course goes beyond simply presenting a “formula.” Studying each classic template from the inside out reveals the art and science of Feldenkraisian pedagogy. Examining essential lessons from an advanced perspective offers you the means to discover – and come to embody – the methodology that guided Moshe Feldenkrais in developing our work.


MASTERING THE METHOD is a continuous master class, divided into individual segments of 5 days each. Three segments cover one overarching topic.
New participants can enter any segment. Participants who participate continuously or have already visited several segments will be given priority when registering. This can sometimes mean that there are only a few vacancies for newcomers in a segment. As a rule, however, it is possible to start without any trouble and we are looking forward to new participants!

Modules 10-12: Walking Well

What are the hallmarks of well-organized walking?
What commonly interferes with easy upright locomotion?
What FIs can we count on to elicit or restore optimal gait?

In the fourth cycle of MASTERING THE METHOD, Larry Goldfarb presents three potent FI compositions that improve moving on two legs. In modules 10 – 12 of this sought after series, Larry teaches how to harness fundamental modes of coordination, demonstrates how they pertain to individuals with various levels of ability, and shows you how to improve activities from walking to running, skating, roller-blading, and skiing.

These MTM modules are designed specifically for Feldenkrais teachers who want to:

  • Observe with movement with clarity, accuracy, and insight.
  • Understand the primary patterns of locomotion.
  • Work precisely and successfully with and through the foot.
  • Refine hands-on techniques and tactics.
  • Improve self-use.
  • Develop more effective teaching strategies.
  • Make learning last.


Segment 1

20.11. – 24.11.2014 Developing Length and Support, I

Segment 2

08.05. – 12.05.2015 Developing Length and Support, II

Segment 3

19.11. – 23.11.2015 Developing Length and Support, III

Segment 4

29.04. – 03.05.2016 Developing Dexterity And Strength, I

Segment 5

24.05. – 28.05.2017 Developing Dexterity And Strength, II

Segment 6

29.11. – 03.12.2017 Developing Dexterity And Strength, III

Segment 7

25.04. – 29.04.2018 Balance And Coordination, I

Segment 8

14.11. – 18.11.2018 Balance And Coordination, II

Segment 9

01.05. – 05.05.2019 Balance And Coordination, III

Segment 10

01.12. – 05.12.2021 624,75 € (incl. VAT) Walking Well, I

Segment 11

27.04. – 01.05.2022 624,75 € (incl. VAT) Walking Well, II

Segment 12

30.11. – 04.12.2022 624,75 € (incl. VAT) Walking Well, III

Modules 1-3: Developing Length and Support

These modules have already been taught in Munich. For further information about the content please refer to the Mind in Motion Website.

Modules 4-6: Developing Dexterity And Strength

These modules have already been taught in Munich. For further information about the content please refer to the Mind in Motion Website.

Modules 7-9: Balance And Coordination

In the third cycle of MASTERING THE METHOD, Larry teaches three unique FI compositions that are designed to improve balance and coordination.

The lessons you will be learning in Modules 7, 8 & 9 will teach you to:

  • Recognize the habits that limit poise and interfere with equilibrium
  • Discover how to activate and refine sensory acuity
  • Refine hands-on abilities by learning advanced manual skills such as “conversing with the head and neck as well as the foot, ankle, and leg.