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Mat 'Bellafit Vision', 200x100x1.5cm, foldable, blue

Product description

This mat has been specially developed for gymnastics and therapy and is characterized by it’s optimal cushioning and durability. It is made from medical-grade, high-performance foam and easy to disinfect. It is skin-friendly, warm to the body, insulating when the floor is cold. The mat does not absorb moisture and is impermeable to water. It is space-saving because it’s foldable and has a low weight of only 1200g. It is suitable for people suffering from allergies, you can wipe it with up to 50° C water and clean it with conventional detergents.

We like to recommend this mat for Feldenkrais because it is neither to had nor to soft for ATM. And the Bellafit mat can also be used as a prop for FIs, for example when you work with clients who are much smaller or much taller than you are, or when you work with someone on the floor or when you give an FI to a baby or a small child.

Placing your order

If you order a single mat, we’ll include it in our next group order and you can pick it up in our next training segment.

If you’d like to buy a whole bunch of these mats please be advised that these mats can only be shipped in boxes of 7.
Place your order for a multiple of 7 and then, when receive the automatic email confirming your order, please answer this email and provide us with the desired shipping address.